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30A Eco Pine Straw provides eco friendly landscape services that start in out paperless office, carry through to our vehicles, and go straight to your home or business.

At 30A Eco Straw we take pride in a lot when it comes to our pine straw. We offer sustainability due to using 100% natural ingredients, and also offer accountability for ourselves and the environment as our product helps reduce the carbon footprint. In addition to this, we also back the durability of our pine straw product.

Durable Pine Straw

Longevity is important when it comes to certain products that are going to be used outdoors. Everyone wants to be able to not only be able to make a good first impression, but also make it a lasting one with little effort on their part. That is where 30A Eco Straw can come in.

Our product can withstand many elements of nature. Whether it’s due to high traffic, age, or Florida’s finicky weather. Gone are the days of having to pay to maintain your pine straw mulch every two to three months. 30A Eco Straw provides 100% eco-friendly alternatives to help maintain your pine straw and mulch for up to 12 months.

If you’re wanting to learn more about our product, including the durability, please don’t hesitate and contact us today! We offer a FAQ that answers our more common questions, but we always welcome even more questions. Let’s get started on sprucing up your home’s landscape, all the while having a minimal impact on the environment.