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30A Eco Pine Straw provides eco friendly landscape services that start in out paperless office, carry through to our vehicles, and go straight to your home or business.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to spruce up your yard, look no further than 30A Eco Straw.

You might think that pine straw doesn’t have a use but wait and see what we can do with it! We can use the pine straw to our advantage and put it in places where it will stand out. When pine straw is applied to your lawn correctly, it will prevent the evaporation of water from the soil, prevent weeds from growing and will help prevent compaction and erosion from the soil.
pinestraw painting

30A Eco Straw has three packages:

  • Treat: We treat existing landscape, increasing the pine straw’s life by nine months, guaranteed.
  • Premier Package: We have Eco Straw delivered, laid and treated for just $15 a bale. The delivery, laying and spraying is at no additional cost to you. Have a gorgeous lawn for 12 months.
  • Annual Package: Starting at just $250, we will maintain your pine or mulch landscape year around.

before and after pine straw paintingRaking pine straw throughout the year can be a hassle. Let us handle it for you! With 30A Eco Straw, the straw will maintain a vibrant color, look great and add a unique curb appeal to your residential or commercial property. People will be amazed by your lawn!

The 30A Eco Straw treatment is not an ordinary paint. We will separate the bales of pine straw, apply the treatment and then lay your pine straw around shrubbery, in flower beds, etc. This unique paint material will hold the pine straw together so it isn’t blown away or washed out during heavy rains. The treatment is pet and kid-friendly; no worrying about stepping on areas and tracking the treatment throughout the lawn or home.

There are many uses for pinestraw and we want to be able to show what the potential it has in your yards. Give us a call today so we can set up your pinestraw delivery and treatment today. We look forward to hearing from you!